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Klime Wallz

Sky High Klime Wallz and Augmented Climbing Wall

Klime Wallz were inspired by pop art, geometric shapes, playground classics and ninja warriors. This is essentially the most modern climbing wall available today. These walls attract and inspire climbers of all ages and abilities. The only requirements are that climbers must be at least 40 inches tall and weigh at least 40 lbs but not more than 250 lbs. This is a great way for those who have never climbed before to step outside their comfort zone and try something new! Challenge your friends and see who can get to the top first!

These walls are not only fun but safe as well. The walls utilize a hydraulic auto belay system, which not only acts as a safety precaution in case guests fall but also helps them descend back to the ground once they reach the top.

Augmented Climbing Wall Only 3 in the nation! Experienced climber… Challenge yourself!. Beginner… learn how to climb or just have fun. You can save your score and improve as you go and share videos with your friends. The system combines projected graphics and proprietary body tracking to create interactive games and training applications. The games and applications motivate you to move and give feedback to help you become a better climber and have fun while moving your body! Augmented reality climbing is suitable for any skill level and age. New games and features are released often.

You can climb all the Wallz as many times as you like in 30 minutes…


Climb Only

  • $13 for 30 minutes of climb time. (You can do a lot of climbing in 30 minutes!)
  • $10 for each additional 30 minutes

Package Deals

  • $25 for one hour jump + 30 minutes of climb time
  • $27 for one hour jump + 30 minutes of climb time + $5 Arcade Card
  • $33 for one hour jump + 60 minutes of climb time