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Everything You Need to Know About the Sky High Sports Klime Wallz

August 23, 2019

Visiting Sky High Sports is a fun adventure for the entire family! If you’ve already visited, you know the sheer excitement of the high flying Freestyle Court, dodgeball courts, Sky High Hoops, arcade, and the challenge of the Klime Wallz. If you’re planning your first visit, here is everything you need to know about the amazing Sky High Klime Wallz.

Are You Ready to Klime?

The Sky High Klime Wallz offers visitors the challenge of normal climbing walls with all the adrenaline-pumping fun Sky High Sports is known for! Sky High’s Klime Wallz are inspired by an eclectic mix of timeless playground classics, colorful pop art, crazy geometric shapes, and mysterious ninja warriors. Our Klime Wallz are the latest (and safest) version of today’s popular climbing walls and offer the promise of fun as well as the encouragement and motivation for climbers of every ability and age to give it a try. There are only two requirements: Klime Wallz Climbers must be at least 40 inches tall and weigh between 40 and 250 pounds.

If you’ve always wanted to climb but haven’t tried it yet, Klime Wallz is waiting for you! The walls are safe for all ages and use a hydraulic auto belay system, which works to safely keep climbers headed in the right direction. Should you fall, the system helps you return safely to the ground. Are you ready? Challenge yourself and your friends to see who can make it to the top first!

Next Level: Our Augmented Climbing Wall

If you’ve taken on our Klime Wallz already, you may be ready to take it to the next level by trying out the Augmented Climbing Wall. The augmented climbing wall is designed to help beginners learn, while challenging the most experienced climber. Always fun, the Augmented Wall lets you keep score, improve with each climb, and share video footage with family and friends. The Augmented Climbing Wall’s system delivers graphics along with body tracking for interactive play and training. The apps are designed to motivate you while offering information to assist you in improving your technique and score. Augmented reality climbing is ideal for every age and skill level, with new games and features added regularly to keep the challenge alive!

Prices and Timing for Sky High Sports Klime Wallz

Klime Wallz sessions at Sky High Sports are available in 30-minute intervals in which you can climb one- or all- as many times as you’d like (including the Augmented Climbing Wall) in a 30-minute window.

Prices are as follows:

Climb Only

  • $13 for 30 minutes of climb time. (You can do a lot of climbing in 30 minutes!)
  • $10 for each additional 30 minutes. (If you want more!)

Package Deals

  • $25 for one hour jump + 30 minutes of climb time
  • $27 for one hour jump + 30 minutes of climb time + $5 Arcade Card
  • $33 for one hour jump + 60 minutes of climb time

Come Join the Fun at Sky High Sports Portland!

Our Klime Wallz are perfect for adventure-seekers who have never climbed before or for those who are looking for a new way to experience climbing. Step out of your comfort zone and make it to the *top* first!

Make some unforgettable memories with family and friends at Sky High Sports by climbing and jumping your way to fun! We have wall-to-wall trampolines, Sky High Hoops, arcades, and more. Book your jump time today!