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Family Game Night In Portland

April 8, 2019
Spending time together as a family is a great way to develop strong emotional bonds. It provides countless benefits for both child and parent. Scheduling a regular family game night is something the entire family will love. Not sure what to do? We have you covered. Keep reading for some fun family game night ideas.

Augmented Climbing

Augmented wall climbing is the next best thing in wall climbing. If technology-meets-rock-climbing sounds interesting, give it a try. Interactive wall games give feedback to players while challenging their skills. It’s perfect for learning and practicing.

Trampolines and Jump Bags

Have you always wanted to fly? The next best thing is jumping high on a trampoline or off a rope and sailing into a cushy air bag. Perfect your flips while you’re at it. Here are a few ideas for games you can play on the trampoline:
  • Dodge Ball
  • Trick Contest
  • Jump Contest

Look for a location that has a separate area for little ones so they can have fun too. With our “no big kids allowed” policy, our Kids Court is the perfect place just for smaller jumpers. Younger children can safely enjoy their trampoline or climb time while older kids or teens have their own area to enjoy.


Sky High Sports Portland’s arcade is filled to brim with over 40 interactive video games for parents and kids of all ages to enjoy. With the latest in gaming technology available, your family will never want to leave. Most of the games in our arcade were selected to encourage interaction and movement- take turns playing multi-player games and get the whole family moving. From Fruit ninja to skee-ball, challenge each other to win the most tickets- winner gets to pick dinner! After you’ve had your fill of games, take your tickets to the redemption center and pick out your prizes.

Sky High Hoops

Trampoline basketball is great for families of all ages to get moving and have some fun. Try out our dedicated jump zone that’s just for practicing those slam dunk skills. Run (or jump) down the trampoline lane and show off your moves- extra points for trick shots! Try out a game of H-O-R-S-E, Around the World, or Buzzer Beater. What other games can your family come up with?

Instituting a family fun day (or night) at a frequency that works for your schedule is a great way to have fun with your kids. Whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, there are several benefits to have fun as a family. Studies have shown that the more children play together, the better able they are to work out their differences. It’s also a great opportunity to teach them problem-solving skills in an active learning application. Come check out all of the activities going on this month and plan your next visit to Sky High Sports Portland with the entire family!